• Admission to all regular undergraduate programs is according to the requirement of the Ministry of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
    • All inquiries concerning admission to any of the study programs shall be directed to the Office of the Registrar.
    • The Office of the Registrar shall send all applicants that meet the minimum requirements set by the University to the Quality Assurance Office for approval.
    • Foreign applicants and Ethiopians who have attended school abroad should bring Higher Education Equivalence Letter from Education and Training Authority (ETA) and meet all the requirements set by the University.
    • Foreign applicants, have to have valid passport and entry visa to Ethiopia, with residence permits; preferably student visa.
      • Applicants with pass in all required subjects in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE), as set by the Ministry of Education or any other legally authorized organ, are eligible for admission to the regular undergraduate program
      • Placement into departments of each faculty shall be chosen by the applicant himself/herself, as per general guidelines provided by the University.
      • Criteria for special admission, including applicants with:
        • Foreign examination results confirmed by a letter from ETA,
        • Official transcript from recognized higher education institution,
        • Degree, for those seeking another Degree and
        • TVET Level IV Certificate and fulfilling the following four requirements:
          • EGSECE/ESLCE
          • COC Pass result
          • One year of work practice evidence
          • Passing Entrance Examination prepared by the University.
        • TVET Level III Certificates needs to fulfill the above indicated requirements except number 4; instead, they have to pass the EHEECE set by the Ministry of Education.
      • The applicant must complete all academic requirements for a Bachelor degree with an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.
      • The applicant must complete the academic requirements for a Bachelor degree with an academic achievement comparable with that stated in above or any other recognized institution of higher learning.
      • The applicant must satisfactorily pass a qualifying examination when it becomes a requirement by the graduate program.
      • The applicant must be supported by at least three letters of recommendation from the applicant’s undergraduate instructors, employers, and professional associations. Such letters of recommendation should preferably come from the first two of these three categories.
Specific Requirements:
      • Any graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study, including Arts, Commerce, Science, and Engineering etc. from any recognized higher institution
      • A minimum of CGPA 2.00 while Graduation
      • Any graduate with a master’s degree in any field of study
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