Marketing Management

Department of Marketing Management

The Department of Marketing Management is one of the major departments in the Faculty of Business for open and distance learning college, which delivers educational services to those who are admitted to the program after fulfilling entry requirements.

Following the structural change in the College of Open and Distance Learning, the Department of Marketing Management was separately established as one of the three major departments under the Faculty. At present, the department offers training to hundreds of students in its degree programs.

To date, thousands of students have graduated with their first degrees and diplomas from the Department of Marketing Management, and these graduates are currently contributing their share in building the economy of the nation.

The Department of Marketing Management is committed to providing quality education and producing qualified and competent professionals who can adequately meet the skilled work-force needs of the business and industry in the country and/or establish and run their own business entities.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to join the department are required to meet the minimum entry requirements set by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Programs and Duration

The department provides undergraduate study in the field of Marketing Management to regular and extension students. The Degree Program is a three-year program for regular students enrolled in accordance with the admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education. The duration for extension students who join the department after securing a degree elsewhere depends on the number of course exemptions they may be entitled to