Management Information System 2013/ 2021

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A Management Information System (MIS) is a set of systems and activities used to provide managers with information needed to support planning and decision making. Effective and efficient use of a firm's information resources are facilitated by computer-based storage, manipulation, retrieval, analysis, and presentation of relevant information in a timely fashion.


The MIS course provides concepts, methods, and techniques to identify an organization’s information needs and to employ systems to meet these needs. This course provides a basic perspective on the design, development, implementation, utilization, and administration of computer-based information systems. Topics covered include systems analysis and design; decision support systems; artificial intelligence including expert systems, fuzzy logic and neural networks; end-user computing; telecommunications including the internet; and the application of information systems to a firm’s competitive strategy.

Information Systems being one of the key supporting systems for organizational decision making and operations, Managing Information Systems received attention and importance since early 1970s. Despite of the faster growth and modernization of systems wide organizations across the world, still the discipline of Management Information System is under explored and needs much attention.

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Solomon W. Demissie

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