GAGE Graduation 2017!

GAGE College Graduation Ceremony exercised at Yeka Sub-City Hall on September 2, 2017 Morning at 9:00 with Honorable guests and graduate parents. This graduation is for the 11th round.

Graduation Ceremony
                 Graduation Ceremony

Currently GAGE College have got 6 campuses at different sub-city.

Main Campus at Megenagna road Shola Campus in Yeka Sub-City.

Piazza campuses most populated campus located in Arada sub-city.

Bole Campus the founding campus of the college at Kirkos Sub-City.

Adisu Gebeya campus which is found in Gulelle Sub-City.

Kotebe Campus found in 2008 E.C around Kotebe University in Yeka Sub-City.


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