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Moges Girma  ( CEO, GAGE College  )

“Congratulations graduates of class of 2019”

 Dear Graduates,

I would like to congratulate you on this day, this is your day. Your families, classmates, and friends congratulate you on this day from now on, this day is the beginning for you, to see the fruits of your effort in your stay at GAGE College.

Dear Graduates, the success you achieved today is your success, but not only your success, it is the success of your family, the success of GAGE College, and also the success of your country ETHIOPIA. As our country current leading philosophy “መደመር” many have collaborated for your success, so we all enjoy the day as our success.  [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Dear Graduates, you are the 16th Graduates of GAGE College, GAGE has been working for the last 16 years as a higher institution, that makes GAGE College have a lot of input on the country’s development, on providing human resources in many different professional fields. For all these 16 years GAGE College is striving to provide more and more updated and quality education for students.

Today’s celebration is not the final achievement of GAGE College. GAGE College has a vision, to be one of the biggest UNIVERSITY in Ethiopia as well in East Africa, by then you will be part of GAGE College’s success history.

Dear Graduates, before I conclude my message, let me advise you using two favorite quotations. first a quote by Leo Buscaglia “Change is the end result of all true learning.“ as this quotation shows the result of your learning is your change, so show your change to the society by working as a professional and by communicating as an educated person. Daily life activities are your playing fields to show your change, so show your Change!

My second quote by Henry Ford says “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” It is obvious that keep learning is a process of updating and upgrading self. If you don’t upgrade yourself by learning, you will become unnecessary in this intellectually growing generation, so no matter how long your age is, NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Those of you have got diploma go for your Degree! Those of you have got Degree go for your Masters!  Those of you have Masters…  [/read]

Thank You!

Sisay Abrha President

“Congratulations to the graduates of 2019”

Dear Graduates,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you all for successful completion of your studies from Gage College. This is the special event to you as it is a completion of one chapter of your life and a time to begin a new one.

I believe that you are now ready to start shouldering responsibilities to serve your beloved country. I am confident that your stay in our college enables you  to discover yourself and to feel you can contribute something better for the society.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

You have worked hard during your stay in our college. Now, you achieved your goals, and will have a bright, promising career. We are very proud of your accomplishment.

Dear Graduates,

Life is about growing, and being in our programs gives each of us new opportunities to continue growing and to learn new knowledge and skills that will carry with us for the rest of our lives.  Therefore, this graduation is not an end goal itself, instead a starting point for further achievements. The person who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. I hope you will not stop here, you will continue learning.

For those who have the intention to continue your education and to upgrade your career to the next step, we are very glad to invite you to come back again to your college. Our doors are always open to you.

Finally, I would like to say congratulations ones again and wish you good luck with the future ahead.

I thank you very much!  [/read]

Zerihun Mengistu 

Administrative Vice President Message

Traditionally, we think of graduation as a time of celebration, a rite of passage that opens up the road of the future to our students, and it certainly is that. We recognize and celebrate the achievements of our students during their time with us, and we look forward to their future accomplishments. But in the present moment, we can’t in good faith view the future with rose-tinted glasses. The journey our soon-to-be graduates will be embarking on is a difficult one. All of us who have gone through this process know that, but this time is unique, and we have to acknowledge that the pressures on our grads, though familiar, are also very different from the ones we felt.  [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Students leaving the GAGE College are entering a world and a workforce that is unlike the one many of us found ourselves in when we began our working lives. In many ways, true, it is better. We can connect with loved ones across the globe with just the click of a button. Soon, thanks in part to the efforts of researchers here at our very own GAGE Campuses, we may have the luxury of having our cars pick us up and ferry us to our destination without our having to lay a finger on the steering wheel.  But the truth is, this is an unnerving moment. People are still worried about finding work even as the economy itself is picking up. The lines that separate us, particularly politically and culturally, seem to be drawn thicker. There is a lot of fear in the world and anxiety about the future.

Much of that anxiety has been felt on our campus. Although a College attempts to create a space for fruitful study for its Campuses and students, it can’t escape reality. We have gone through a lot at the GAGE College, particularly in the last year. And yet here we are, about to uphold a time-honored tradition. We do so humbly and with an eye to local, national, and international events, but this is, despite everything, a time of celebration. It’s also a time of thanks.

Campuses, I want to thank you for all of the work you have done, for your research and for the hours you’ve spent working on curricula that you hope can reach students and light that spark that you know when you see it. Staff, thank you for your work keeping this College running smoothly, from making sure we have the research equipment we need to look after our infrastructure to making payroll.

And graduates, thank you for your diligent studies, for the vibrancy you’ve given this College, and for your passion to defend and pursue what is right. But I also want to ask something of you. We’ve prepared you the best we can. We’ve worked side by side with you. We’ve entrusted you with important research and tried our best to share our knowledge about our work and about this life. As you prepare to leave the GAGE College, I ask you to do something with that knowledge: make a better world. I assure you that this is a great achievement but, should not be the ultimate function of your goal. [/read]

Ato Addis Mekonnen

Messages from the AcVP for TVET and QAEO Head

Dear 2018/19 Graduates of GAGE College


Dear Graduates! This day is complementary to your effort and one step forwarding you in achieving your success. We believe your expedition and commitment brought you to this success.

Graduation is a significant step in your education and the entire college community wishes you the very best on this important occasion. We encourage you to make the most of your qualification through your contribution to your chosen profession and the community. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Setting a dream requires your effort and passion, and today is just the beginning of your harvest of all your lifetime deeds. Your graduation now is the beginning of a bright future for you.

Education contributes a formative effect on your mind, character, and professional intelligence. Hence it is the process by which society through schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions, deliberately transmits cultural heritage, accumulated knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to another.

Dear graduates as you all know, there will be no end to education and your need to update yourself with the current thinking to remain responsive to the prevailing global demand.


Congratulations once again on successfully completing your program. Be proud of what you have worked to achieve and remember those who have supported you to reach this end. I wish you every success as you enter this next exciting stage of your life and career, and very much hope that you stay connected with Gage College in the years to come.


Abera Gebrehiwot

(Academic Vice President for Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of Gage College and on my own I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your academic achievement! Graduating from college is one of the major accomplishments in one’s course of life no matter the level of education accomplished and hence one should be proud of it.

Once again, congratulations on your graduation from Gage College!

We are proud of your accomplishments and it is with this high spirit of satisfaction that we join you, your family, and fellow friends in celebration of your success. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] Now you are graduating from Gage College with a rich history, established in 1995 E.C. Gage is one of the famous colleges that successfully produced knowledgeable workforce joining the Ethiopian economy over 15 years that bridged the gap of educated manpower to the changing social and economic system of the nation. Today it is a thriving college of business, sociology, and technology with a legacy of excellence that will accompany you into a bright future. We are proud of our over 6000 graduates who have excelled in many facets of businesses, industry, and civic life.

This day, it must be a very exciting moment for you. Chasing a dream requires your efforts and passion. Hard work isn’t over when you graduated. It’s just a break as you enter the new battlefields of life. It is even more exciting if you see this as a step toward great success in the years ahead. You are laying the foundation for a better life for you and your family and, by extension, for others you encounter.

As you graduate, promise yourself that you will keep alive the finest of our values and traditions, that you will commit to truth and service as your college and that you will serve the community with distinction. We trust you will recognize that true greatness resides in sincere service to others.

You truly deserve the success! I’m sure that on your graduation day you feel a lot smarter. In my message I wish you to set your goals high, and won’t stop till you get there!


Good Luck and Congratulations!

Shimeles Asfaw Gizaw

GC Research Publication and Community Service Office Head

Congratulations to all 2019 Graduates of our Postgraduate, Undergraduate, and TVET Programs of GAGE College.

It is with deepest joy that I am intending to convey this congratulatory message on behalf of the GC Research Publication and Community Service Office and on my behalf.

Dear graduates, a manmade graduated cylinder serves to measure certain volumes of liquid within the range it had been calibrated. And this nature/capacity lasts long throughout its life span; gradually fading the labeling on due course deteriorating its quality. Contrary to this you are now graduated to voraciously read, eagerly engage yourselves in inquiry and research, [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] and enrich your knowledge, skill, etc so as to be well versed in many areas and develop an all-rounded personality. This enables you to reach an actualization period which possibly makes your beloved motherland beneficiary. [/read]

Solomon W. Demissie

College’s ICT Directorate Director

Congratulation to 2019 Graduate of GAGE College

Better future ….

In order to realize fast, consistent and sustainable development based on a universal approach with comprehensive centered adaptive technology, it is essential to institute a rational demand-driven participatory program. To give a little insight into the process, whenever we have high challenges, threats, and problems we should not follow business as a usual approach which is doomed to failure and will end up with negative results and consequences. On the other hand, we should not also promote radical, silver bullet measures to mitigate the challenges and threats, rather we use innovative, all-inclusive, and adaptive approaches to resolve the challenges, and threats in order to have sustainable positive growth. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

One of the most critical solution to achieve this smart option is well thought, analyzed, holistic, concrete, reformist, problem solving and non-discriminative depending on the economy, age, sex, or any other educational system. One that addresses social, cultural, political, and economic capital building.

Hence,  GAGE College in partnership with national and international organizations and institutions has made an effort to establish 21st-century technology-oriented higher education institutions with an endeavor to address the recommended innovative, holistic, and adaptive technology system to change challenges, intimidation and problems of our country to opportunities and justifiable development. [/read] Congratulations!

[read more=”Congratulations to the graduates of 2018/2010” less=”Read Less”]

Anduamlak Yibeltal  ( President )

 “Congratulations to the graduates of 2018/2010”

Dear Graduates, Congratulations!!

I am privileged to congratulate you all and extend my best wishes on behalf of Gage College and my own behalf upon the successful completion of your studies.

I am hopeful and confident that your stay in our College enables you to discover

yourself and finally conclude by assuring that YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

This is really a great achievement  which can be a springboard to your future life achievements.

It is my pleasure, again, to recall you that you have started the journey of shouldering a responsibility of serving your esteemed society in a colorful season that everybody is singing “Ethiopian-ism”. Not only you, the graduate, our College also, is historically lucky of getting this opportunity to equip you with worthy knowledge, attitude and skill which

enable you to put a brick in transforming our motherland.

I am glad to invite you all to come back to your wisdom home, Gage College, as  of the next day of your graduation to continue upgrading your academic career to the next step.

Finally, I wish you all the best and mega success in your future life endeavor.

“Not only you,

the graduate, our College also, is historically lucky of getting this opportunity to equip you with worthy knowledge, attitude, and skill”

Zerihun Mengistu


“The prospective graduates of all programs undergoing are the fruits of our college”

Education is a principal tool of national development in  societies  where  access is guaranteed, the value of this tool is dependent on the provision of quality education.

Quality education, quite often, plays the leading role in creating competent work force joining the nation’s economy when leaving the college after completing studies of the respective levels.

Gage College envisioned reaching at this goal with an ever growing quality and quantity of graduates in all the programs launched. To this end, the college with its improved vision “to be among the leading private institution in achieving national technical vocational education and training and higher education institution objective at all program levels by 2020’’ is working    towards producing a highly competitive, responsive and hardworking citizens. Obviously, our beloved motherland is in need of such educated citizens of various professions for sustainable economic development which paves the way to prosperity.

Gage College, with its mounting number of campuses and field of studies, is contributing       significantly       towards realizing the vision and development goal of the country.

The prospective graduates of all programs undergoing are the fruits of our college that have a potential of creating jobs by themselves or befitting to the market scenario in which needy and capable organizations can hire. In connection to this, the college in order to scale up the quality of its outcomes has been exerting breath taking  efforts and  investing considerable resources to adequately address professional development and capacity building issues required to play a pivotal role in the economy.

Dear prospective graduates of 2010 E.C., during your stay in our college, we believe as we have equipped you with all essential knowledge and skill expected  for  the level. What is expected from you is to tap this created potential and implement it appropriately whenever necessary.

Moreover it is imperative to get yourself befitting through a  continuous  endeavor to update and upgrade what you have acquired.

With this I say congratulations to you all prospective graduates of the year!

Abera  Gebrehiwot


“Congratulations to the graduates of 2018/2010”

Today is a special day. Your time has come. Congratulations     and     commendations to each and every one of you on this remarkable achievement of graduation from Gage College.

For our graduates it is a celebration of the culmination of three, four or five years of study. We hope it will be an occasion that you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.

You have worked hard during your three, four or five years and we are very proud of your  accomplishments. We are  also united today  by a  shared  sense of  pride in achievement. Gage College is proud of its graduates and we hope you are equally proud to be joining a community.

I would like to give special thanks to the parents,  spouses,  children   and   friends of our graduates for their patience, understanding, sacrifices  and  support both moral and financial, during these challenging, but rewarding, years at Gage College. It is also an important day for the parents, partners, family and friends of the graduates.

We will always take great pride in your achievements.  I hope you enjoy today and I wish you every success for the future.

Congratulations again to our graduates and the entire Gage College Communities!


“We hope it will be an occasion that you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.”

CEO of Gage College, Ethiopia, Visits USU

Thursday, Aug. 09, 2018

Janis Boettinger with CEO of GAGE College, Moges Girma Kassa and Robert Wagner

Vice Provost and Office of Global Engagement Director, Janis Boettinger (left), with CEO of GAGE College, Moges Girma Kassa (center), CEO of GAGE College, and Vice President of Academic Instruction Services, Robert Wagner (right).

Utah State University leaders met with Moges Girma, CEO of Gage College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July to discuss USU’s distance education program and sign a memorandum of cooperation. Girma visited several USU campuses over two days, including the Logan campus, USU Eastern-Price, USU-Salt Lake and USU-Brigham City.  [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Moges Girma and colleagues visit USU Brigham City CampusMoges Girma and colleagues visit USU Brigham City Campus with Lauri Merrill, Recruiter for Brigham City (left) and Jill Rasmussen, USU Brigham City Director of Student Services (right).

Girma and two colleagues met with and presented proposals to USU leaders Janis Boettinger, vice provost and director of Global Engagement; Robert Wagner, vice president of Academic and Instructional Services (AIS); John Louviere, assistant vice president and executive director of AIS; Shelly Ortiz, international program coordinator in Global Engagement; Monika Galvydis, director of study abroad in Global Engagement; and Shannon Peterson, director of global programming in the Institute of Government and Politics. Louviere and Wagner provided a tour of the state-of-the-art distance education building, followed by a tour of the Merrill-Cazier Library from Jeanne Davidson, department head and associate dean of Instruction, Collections, and Patrons. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Gary Straquadine, interim chancellor of USU Eastern, David Vernon, executive director of Salt Lake Education Center and Brad Wynn, director of USU’s professional MBA program, met with Girma and colleagues at their respective campuses to discuss the methods of delivering education at a distance.

“USU is a leader in Utah and the nation when it comes to providing distance education,” said Wagner. “It was a great opportunity to share our ideas and innovations to the GAGE College administration, in hopes that they can experience the same successes we have had.”

GAGE College, a private college in Ethiopia, offers degrees comparable to associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s in several categories. The college has five campuses around Addis Ababa, similar to a regional campus model, and has been consistently growing in admissions and programs offered. Girma is building partnerships and agreements with U.S. schools to grow GAGE College.

“GAGE College’s three pillars of teaching, research and community are in alignment with USU’s commitment to community. We look forward to working with Mr. Girma to build relationships, foster international growth and provide experiences for USU students and GAGE students,” said Boettinger.

Boettinger and Galvydis will work with GAGE College on a memorandum of cooperation that can lead to student exchange, international internships, and faculty-led study abroad programs. USU will continue to explore possible cooperation in distance education and open-source educational resources.

Contact: Celestyn Hollingshead, office of Global Engagement, 435-797-3677,